Friday, December 13, 2019

Satisfaction at work is by far the #1 thing that makes men happy

Satisfaction at work is by far the 1 thing that makes men happySatisfaction at work is by far the 1 thing that makes men happyA new study of 5,000 American men found that the 1 factor that makes men happy is being satisfied at work ranking far above health and income.The study was sponsored by the mens grooming company, Harrys, in partnership with Dr. John Barry of University College London, with the aim of identifying the values and priorities of American men, as well as the contributors to their emotional, physical and mental health, and general wellbeing in short, their happiness. The men ranged from 18-95 and lived all over the country.The values American men most desire, the study says in its introduction, are those of everyday heroes fathers, father figures, respectful co-workers, mentors. There are hardworking, loving, friendly men with a conscience These gentle, Christ-like values, combined with the existence of a conscience, it is explained, is great news for the men, wo men, and children in America.But really, its good for jobs, and vice-versa. Onto the data.The strongest indicator of a positive mindset in men is being satisfied with their work its three times higher than the next-strongest indicatorThe positive mindset index used in the study included feeling more optimistic, happy, motivated, emotionally stable, confident, with a sense of control. Therefore, the more fulfillment at work that men felt, the more they felt those emotions.94% of men with the highest job satisfaction rating had normal or better levels of mental positivity compared to 49% who gave the lowest rating for job satisfaction.After work gratification, the things next-strongest indicators of a positive mindset weretheir healthincomeage men get happier as they get olderbeing marriedsports and leisureThe top event that made this group of men satisfied at work wasnt income it was making a difference Engagement matters.Pop quiz Whos the happiest man in America? According to the study, its married men over 50 who have found fulfillment in their job, have a good income, and take care of their health. But if youre a man and you can only pick one, strive for happiness in your job thatll get you most of the way there.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vital Pieces of Resume Exaamples

Vital Pieces of Resume Exaamples Resume Exaamples Secrets Examine the competition and take a look at the organization that you want to work for. Knowing your career objective would permit you to create the correct content for your resume. Record any other skills you may have. Other skills which have been learnt can be mentioned. Studying career-specific resume samples is among the best strategies to comprehend exactly how exactly to format and concentration on your talents and techniques. No 2 resumes ought to be alike. Thirdly, everyone can copy a format. Have a look at free resume examples on the internet and you will observe that headings ought to be the exact same all throughout. Resume are simple to craft and can be readily copied and adapted to your specific circumstance. Job search has gotten particularly carnival-like, especially five decades ago as soon as the economy hit the skids. Once you have followed the aforementioned steps where the web is concerned, you wa nt to broaden your search. It can be difficult to obtain work in the present market. You should be doing the things which will help grow your small business. When there is one main rule to remember as you write your resume, its that each of the content ought to be written to be employer-centered. Therefore, if you walk into the job-interview knowing a good deal about the organization you wont just impress them but it is going to surly make you seem more relaxed and confident. There are five common cover letter mistakes outlined below that you have to avoid in order to acquire through the very first round of resume review and move 1 step closer to getting the job which you would like. If you pick one template and produce no changes whatsoever, you dramatically boost the likelihood of looking like everybody else. When you wish to locate a job, you must be sure you have the correct skills for the positions in which youre interested. With the economy the way its, we are all aware that even applying for jobs isnt quick. The job isnt uncomplicated but its extremely gratifying. Youre therefore ready for the very first job for a phelbotomist So here are a few tips about how you could make the right resume for the job of secretary. It is simpler than you might think to compose a superb administrative resume that could let you find the job of your dreams. To work, your statement must tell a possible employer you know what sort of job that you want, what experience youve got as a way to find the position, and what exactly you are willing do to be a prosperous professional with the business. The career objective statement has to be written exclusively for the job which you are applying to. Resumes are made to highlight the very best side of an individual. Change career resume examples demonstrate that you should begin with personal info. Resume writing doesnt have to be hard.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Exclusive Invite To Audibles One

Exclusive Invite To Audibles OneAudible is partenering with PowerToFly to host an invite-only evening at Grace Hopper in Houston to stand out from the rest of the packWere going to introduce games into our networking event so you can amplify your time connecting with leaders Audible and your peers over some delicious food and drinks. Dont miss thisRegister for the event HERE and email for the event password (if you dont have it already). The event will take place at The Houston, located at 3118 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston. The evening will begin at 5pm and will wrap up at 9pm. Join us for any part of that time. Please note, you do not need a Grace Hopper Celebration badge to attend.This is a great event for SDE II, back end, full stack with Java, front end with advanced Java and mobile engineers for both IOS and Android as well as technical program managers and software development managers.Although this is a networking event and you dont have to be looking for a j ob to attend, Audible is hiring. Check out their page on PowerToFly to see all of their open roles.About our Events All RSVPd attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require accommodation to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.Unfortunately, PowerToFly and the company it is holding an event on behalf of cannot admit outside recruiters to this particular event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.About Audible A truly global company, Audibles worldwide community downloads almost two billion hours of materie annually. Along with their world headquarters in Newark, Audible has offices all over the world including London, Paris and Tokyo. Their competitive benefits include employer-matching savings accounts, stock options, a full stocked kitchen, fitness reim bursements and Amazon discounts. Aki Merced

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Study finds that very unattractive people make more money

Study finds that very unattractive people make mora moneyStudy finds that very unattractive people make more moneyIn Amy Schumers new film I Feel Pretty she plays a woman, Renee, who struggles with low self-confidence and views herself as unattractive.It doesnt help that she works for a cosmetics brand that seems to only employ models. About 20 minutes into the film after wishing to be better looking at a fountain (do those things still work in the wish-delivering department?) she hits her head during spin class the next day and awakes to believe she looks completely different and is absolutely and imperatively attractive (she looks exactly the same.) Well jokes on you Renee because it turns out people who are deemed very unattractive end up making more money at a younger age, according to a recent study.A study from theJournal of Business and Psychologyof 20,000 young Americans, interviewed the subjects at home at age 16 and then three more times before they turned 29-years-old. The researchers looked atthe correlation between attractiveness and income of the participants based on a five-point scale of physical attractiveness from very unattractive to very attractive.The ugliness premiumNow attractive people are still winning at life as overall there was a positive association between attractiveness and earnings. This is also known as the beauty premium and ugliness penalty and has beendocumentedwidely by economists. However, those rated as very unattractivealso saw a positive correlation when it came to money. The VUs (who only made up 1 to 2% of the survey sample) were found to always earn more than the just regular unattractive people and sometimes even more than just average-looking people and even the attractive people. This is turning previous research on its head as this demonstrates an ugliness premium.Ladders is now on SmartNewsDownload the SmartNews app and add the Ladders channel to read the latest career news and advice wherever you go.The research ers,Satoshi Kanazawa and Mary Still, believe that the reason attractive people earn more is not just because of their looks but what their looks signify. Physically more attractive workers may earn more, not necessarily because they are more beautiful, but because they are healthier, more intelligent, and have better personality traits conducive to higher earnings, such as being more Conscientious, more Extraverted, and less Neurotic, Kanazawa said in a press release. The very unattractive people also tested higherin those three categories which contributes to their earnings bump.However, the very unattractive group was quite small which also can throw off results, Daniel Hamermesh, a professor of economics at the Royal Holloway University of London, told CBS News.It looks like Snow White will still get the higher salary over the ugly witch in the woods, but she better watch her back. That witch has got personality.and poisoned apples.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Study confirms Cat people are more enthusiastic than dog people

Study confirms Cat people are more enthusiastic than dog peopleStudy confirms Cat people are more enthusiastic than dog peopleI welches only a cat person for about 17 years. After Hairy Pawter passed away, I decided to fully commit to becoming a productive member of society. Forty-seven percent of U.S households have cats, and 60% have dogs. Last year, these pet owners dished out a collective $72 billion on their animals, which is an 8.1% increase from 2016. Americans love animals. Thirty-five percent of the US pet owners surveyed in Rover.coms new report said that their animals needs informed what kind of furniture they purchased, 29% said that it affected the kind of motor vehicle they bought, and 29% said that having animals impacted the kind of apartment or home they rented.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreCat people vs. dog peopleClearly, the majority of the pet owners surve yed did not take the role lightly. Seventy percent of both dog people and cat people give theirpets nicknames, 61% of both let theiranimals take over the bed and couch, the average amount of cuddle time a day was one to two hours for both. EIghty-four percent of cat lovers and dog lovers said that pictures of their respective animals take up half of the photo space on their phones, and the vast majority said that when they enter the house from work they say hello to their pets before family members. But of the two kinds surveyed, which were the more enthusiastic? Cat people. By a lot.It is true that, on balance. dog people talk to their animals a lot more than cat people do, (on average cat people talked to their felines one to five times a day, the average chat-time reported by dog owners? Too many time to count) but the reason cat people, dont talk to their cats as often as dog people is because they sing to them instead. Seventy percent more cat owners than dog owners reported do ing so Making up new songs all the time or singing to their pet at least sometimes.Cat people are also 16% more likely to get ticked off if they see their pet cuddling up with someone other than themselves. Ninety-one percent of cat owners claimed to be able to interpret their cats individual meows. Fifty-two percent of cat fanatics preferto spend time with their animals rather than humans, which is 9% percent more than the dog owner respondents that agreed.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will ersatzdarsteller your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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How a Jenga-playing Robot Will Affect Manufacturing

How a Jenga-playing Robot Will Affect Manufacturing How a Jenga-playing Robot Will Affect Manufacturing How a Jenga-playing Robot Will Affect Manufacturing Humans are born with intuitive abilities to manipulate physical objects, honing and perfecting their skills from an early age through play and practice. But its not as easy for robots.Computers may have beaten the best human players of abstract, cognitive-based games such as chess and Go, but the physical abilities and intuitive perceptions acquired over millions of years of evolution still give humans a definite edge in tactile perception and the volksverdummung of real-world objects.That human-machine skill gap makes it difficult to develop machine learning, or ML, algorithms for physical tasks that require not just visual information, but tactile data. A team of researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken a fresh approach to that aufgabe by teaching a robot to p lay Jenga. Their work was published in Science Robotics.Read mora on Engineers Teaching Machines Game Theory Helps Robot DesignJenga involves building a layered tower by carefully moving rectangular blocks from lower layers to the top, without collapsing the tower. That requires careful consideration of which blocks to move and which to leave in place, a choice thats not always apparent. The robots interpretation of the game. Image MITIn the game of Jenga, a lot of the information that is necessary to drive the motion of the robot isnt apparent to the eyes, in visual information, noted the studys co-author Alberto Rodriguez. You cannot point a camera at the tower and tell which blocks are free to move or which blocks are blocked. The robot has to go and touch them.The researchers overcame that physical element of the game by providing a means for the robot to integrate both visual and tactile cues.The experimental setup consisted of an off-the-shelf ABB IRB 120 roboti c arm fitted with an ATI Gamma force and torque sensor at the wrist and an Intel RealSense D415 camera, along with a custom-built gripper.Our system feels the pieces as it pushes against them, said Nima Fazeli, an MIT graduate student and the papers lead author. It integrates this information with its visual sensing to produce hypotheses as to the type of block interaction, block configurations, and then decides what actions to take.Listen to the latest episode of ASME TechCast Breakthrough Could Bring New Cancer TreatmentMost modern ML algorithms begin by defining a problem as the world is like this, what should be my next move? Rodriguez said. A typical strategy would be to simulate every possible outcome of how the robot might interact with every Jenga block and the tower, a bottom-up approach. But this would be both time-consuming and data intensive, requiring enormous computational power.Playing Jenga is a real-world physical task in which every possible move can have various o utcomes. Its very difficult to come up with a simulator version that can be used to train a machine-learning algorithm, Rodriguez said. Training the algorithm is even more complicated by the fact that every time the robot makes a wrong move and the tower collapses a human being has to rebuild the structure before the robot can try again.Instead, MIT engineers decided on a top-down learning methodology that would more closely simulate the human learning process. The intent is to build systems that are able to make useful abstractions (top-down) that they can use to learn manipulation skills quickly, Fazeli said. In this approach, the robot learns about the physics and mechanics of the interaction between the robot and the tower.Read about another Robotic Invention The Rise from BattleBot to Corporate RobotRather than going through thousands of possibilities, Fazeli and his colleagues trained the robot on about 300, then grouped similar outcomes and measurements into clusters that the ML algorithm could then use to model and predict future moves.The AI builds useful abstractions without being told what those abstractions are, i.e., it learns that different types of blocks that are stuck or free exist, Fazeli said. It uses this information to plan and control its interactions. This approach is powerful because we can change the goal of the robot and it can keep using the same model. For example, we can ask that it identify all blocks that dont move, and it can just do that without needing to retrain. It is also data-efficient thanks to its representation that allows for abstractions.By using the visual and tactile information collected through its camera and force sensor, the robot is thus able to learn from experience and plan future actions.While the system wont be challenging human Jenga champs anytime soon, the top-down ML approach demonstrated in this work may have a more significant impact.Were looking toward industrial automation where we hope to have flex ible robotic systems that can quickly acquire novel manipulation skills and behave reactively to their mistakes, Fazeli said. Modern day assembly lines change rapidly to align with consumer interests so we need systems that can keep up.Mark Wolverton is an independent writer.Read Latest Exclusive Stories from ASME.orgYoung Engineer Takes Great Strides with Prosthetic FootVR and Drone Technology in a Paper AirplaneFive Job Interview Questions Young Engineers Can ExpectIts almost certainly cheaper to capture carbon emissions from their sourceor never emit them in the first place.Matt Lucas, Carbon180